Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Earplugs Day!

You work nights as an admitting nurse, so you have to sleep during the day. But your live-in boyfriend is unemployed and likes to light firecrackers in the living room all day long, seeing what little knickknacks and toiletries do when a firecracker is lit underneath them (they usually jump up in the air and shatter). You tried to come up with some kind of a compromise. You suggested that he only light his firecrackers in the house at night after you go to work, or that he doesn't light his firecrackers in the house at all. He accused you of trying to cage him in, so you bought earplugs instead.

Today your boyfriend is going to accidentally blow his entire left hand off of his wrist. He'll go into shock and will be unable to speak or move, and since you'll have your earplugs in you'll sleep peacefully for a bit as his blood drains out onto the living room carpet. You'll luckily wake up after only a few moments. You're used to those dull thuds of the firecrackers that you hear through the muffler of your earplugs, and when they stop your body will be startled awake. You'll find your boyfriend unconscious and pale and you'll call the ambulance just in time.

When he comes to, he'll tell you that your selfishness made you wear those earplugs and he nearly died because of it. With a missing hand, he'll be able to receive disability and he'll leave you and finally be able to light firecrackers all day in his own place. Things will pick up for you once he's gone.

Happy Earplugs Day!