Thursday, March 02, 2006

Elderly Action Day!

Today you and your wife are going to try to remember when the last time you had sex was. One of you will say that it happened in 1991, and the other will bet on 1990, and since neither of you will agree you'll have to settle for your last time having occurred in 1965, when your youngest son was conceived. It's the only one that's got some evidence backing it up.

"Man that was fantastic," you'll say.

"How can you remember?" your wife will ask.

"Think I'd forget the last time we had sex?"

She'll ask how she was. You don't remember, but just make stuff up until she falls asleep. I know it's hard to keep from falling asleep before her, but this is a special moment. Stay awake, and tell her how she touched you.

Happy Elderly Action Day!