Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trick Some Stupid Kids Into Painting A Fence For You Day!

You're required to paint a fence today as part of your work release program, but fuck if you're gonna actually do it. Trick some kids into painting it for you instead. Just grab the first group of kids who walks past and offer them each a dime if they'll paint the fence for you. If they say no because a dime is not enough money for all that hard work, point to a church belltower and tell them that the man who lives up in that belltower is very sad because girls always tell him he's gross and he hates to see children refuse random chores from strangers. Tell them that the man went up to the belltower because he knew if one more girl told him he looked gross, he'd start crying and never stop. Same thing goes for kids who refuse random chores from strangers. While the belltower protects the man from girls who might tell him he's gross, he can still see all the children in the town and if any children refuse a random chore from a stranger, the man in the belltower might never stop crying.

This should get the kids to paint the fence. Just make sure they paint really fast because if you get caught farming out your work-release assignments, you're going back inside.

Happy Trick Some Stupid Kids Into Painting A Fence For You Day!