Thursday, June 30, 2005

When A Bullet Whizzes Past Your Eyes Day

When A Bullet Whizzes Past Your Eyes Day!

At around 6:08 PM you should be rushing down the sidewalk trying to make it to the station in time to catch the 6:24 train home. You should be preoccupied with a rumor you heard earlier about the CEO of your company being pushed out by the board and what that might mean in terms of layoffs when a bullet whizzes right past your eyes and shatters the 12 foot tall storefront window of the Payless immediately on your right. You'll be so disoriented by the infinitesimal time-frame of the whole experience that in your memory it will seem that the sound of the gunshot came after the shattering glass, and that the blip of the bullet whizzing past your eyes seemed to occur whole minutes before all of it.

You're going to see a bullet fly. You're going to see it, with your eyes. And you're going to feel its tailwind on the bridge of your nose. When you talk about it tonight with your family at the dinner table, your son will ask you if you feel more alive than you did this morning. Tell him, "I guess."

Happy When A Bullet Whizzes Past Your Eyes Day!