Sunday, June 12, 2005

Break The Blue Wall Of Silence Day

Break The Blue Wall Of Silence Day!

You became a cop to help people, not to sell drugs to little kids. It may put your life on danger, but you have to get up on that stand and tell the truth.

"We sold drugs to little kids," say.

"How little?" the DA will ask.

Say, "About three feet. Maybe three-six. We ran a stand on the corner of Washington and 80th. Lotta little kids over there who like to party."

The courtroom will gasp. The judge will threaten the courtroom with clearance.

The DA will ask, "Why little kids?"

Say, "Dunno."

The DA will ask, "How high up did this conspiracy go?"

Say, "Well, is the mayor's office high enough for you?"

No one will gasp. Sit back down.

The DA will ask, "Why are you here today?"

Say, "I wanted to break the blue wall of silence."

The courtroom, the DA, and the judge will applaud. Your wife will cry. After the trial, when you go to the bathroom, you'll be shot in both eyes.

Happy Break The Blue Wall Of Silence Day!