Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Jesus Christ Of Partying Day

The Jesus Christ Of Partying Day!

They call him that because after every party he doesn't wake up for three whole days.

"Does that ever scare you?" ask him.

"It terrifies me," he'll say. "Not because I'm afraid I'm sick or that I'm going to die. But when I think of all the time I'm losing to my insatiable need for sleep following a fun party, it's like I'm putting myself in prison every Friday night at 4 AM."

Suggest that maybe he should party less.

He'll say, "But parties are fun."

Say, "So are museums."

He'll disagree. Then he'll pass out. While he may not always be there for you in a lot of ways, it is nice to be able to just wander in every six to eight hours and cuddle with him without worrying about him waking up and demanding sex.

Happy The Jesus Christ Of Partying Day!