Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Make Some Plans In A Stranger's Bed Day

Make Some Plans In A Stranger's Bed Day!

You'll wake up before him, as usual. But there'll be something different about this guy. Something that will keep you from emptying his wallet into your purse and bolting for the door. You'll like having your shoulder up against his.

"This isn't so bad," you'll think. "I could come back here. If he bought better sheets."

You'll look around the room. You'll hate the yellow walls and you'll picture a nice light blue to contrast with the green of the garden that's visible through the window.

His closet door will be open. He has a lot of shirts with loud stripe patterns, which you can't stand. He'll have worn one the previous night in fact, but you let it slide. No matter, a few birthdays and Christmases and you could outfit him with a whole new wardrobe of your devising.

You'll sit up and look at the two of you in his bureau mirror. If he lets his hair grow out, you'll think, you two could look perfect together. He has one tattoo on his bicep of a 50's style pinup model, and you'll think about how adorable it would look to curl that tattoo'd arm around a baby.

"He's not snoring," you'll think. "This can't get much more perfect."

You'll lay back down into his too firm pillow and curl up to him from behind. He'll rustle a bit in your embrace, then he'll start to wake up. You'll smile when he rolls over and puts his arm around you. Then he'll reach past you to pick up his alarm clock and check the time.

"My girlfriend's coming by at 11 so you'd better get going," he'll say. "I told you about her right?"

When he goes into the bathroom, you'll want to throw something. But you'll remember that he did tell you about his girlfriend the night before. When you first woke up you just kind of forgot.

"Guess I can't get angry at him," you'll decide. You'll take his iPod and leave.

Happy Make Some Plans In A Stranger's Bed Day!