Saturday, June 04, 2005

Rafting Disappearance, Day 9 Day

Rafting Disappearance, Day 9 Day!

Today, you and your classmates are going to give up on everyone who disappeared during the Model Congress Year-End Rafting Trip. It's been nine days and only one member of the Congress has been found. That was day six and he was discovered walking naked down the middle of a trucker roadway. He hasn't spoken yet. No one expects him to. He was the Model Comptroller.

There's going to be a gathering tonight. Posters went up on the walls at school yesterday morning, but they said "Memorial" on them. By 3PM they'd all been taken down and replaced with makeshift flyers that said "Gathering." You should go. The girls will huddle together and cry, even though no one was ever really friends with anyone in Model Congress. Model Congressmen and Model Congresswomen moved within their own small circles of driven youth.

The Gathering is going to be on the football field. You don't know much about it, beyond the fact that you're supposed to bring a candle. But afterwards, in the woods behind the football field, you and six other guys are going to do the shrooms that you all chipped in for on Monday. You had all picked tonight to do them, before you knew about the gathering, and you really don't want to reschedule. So you'll go and ponder the absence of your lost classmates for about an hour, then you and your friends will sneak off through the fence to sit on rocks and wig out.

It's going to be the time of your life.

Happy Rafting Disappearance, Day 9 Day!