Friday, June 17, 2005

Bank Robbery Day

Bank Robbery Day!

Shoot some rounds into the ceiling and when everyone stops screaming, say, "I'm only doing this because my daughter needs medicine."

Everyone will say, "Awww." Someone might ask what disease your daughter has. Don't say, "Crabs."

The bank manager will reach to push the "We're being held up" button but a customer will grab his hand. "Do you want his little girl to die?" the customer will ask.

The bank manager will say he was only doing his job. Tell him, "So am I." Then shoot his chest until it's gone. The customers will cheer a little, except for those customers gathered around the woman who's delivering her baby.

Fill your duffle bag with enough cash to buy a lot of new cars. Then make your way to the door. On your way out, pause to wave hello to the just-delivered baby. The new mother will ask, "Would you like to hold her?" Tell the mother, "No, but I do want to send her to college." Then drop a pile of thousand dollar bills on the baby, careful not to dent its head.

Happy Bank Robbery Day!