Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Roar Of The Crowd Day!

In the new world, you and your wife are forced to make love in front of a stadium full of bloodthirsty fans who like to watch people have sex while they wait for their blood.

At first, you and your wife didn't like the idea of having to fornicate for the entertainment of tens of thousands, but once you got over the initial terror, you discovered what a deep connection you can establish with a crowd when you have intercourse in front of them. In short, you're good at what you do.

You two have a following now. Though you're slaves, people in the highest posts of industry have been seen in your audience. In the old world, you were just an anthropology professor, and your wife practiced law. Neither of you felt that you'd answered your true calling. Not until you bent your wife over the rear bumper of a burning overturned VW Bug and entered her to the cheers of a populace.

You have three performances tonight. Afterward, you've been invited to a party at a Consulate. You and your wife will be attending in the company of your owners. At the party, you'll meet a Swiss couple who have been wowing them with public sex in one of the new colonies to the East. The Minister of Energy will propose a wager.

"Ours against yours," he'll say.

Winning the fuckbattle against the Swiss will send a rush of pride through your city. But it will also, ultimately, mean war. Losing, however, means your heads.

Happy Roar Of The Crowd Day!