Friday, May 13, 2005

Murder Mystery Day

Murder Mystery Day!

The lights went off in the Burger King. When they came back on, a woman was lying dead right there in the middle of the dining area. You and the other five customers crowded around her, along with some of the kitchen staff. Then you heard a click.

You turned around and saw the manager had just locked the door shut tight.

"What's the big idea?" said the burly customer wearing all black.

The manager said, "We were all here when she died. So one of us must have killed her. If no one leaves, the murderer can't get away."

You all looked at each other nervously.

"But we have tickets for the Opera," said the wealthy couple.

"My mom's waiting for me," said the woman who looked to be the exact same age as the woman on the floor.

The burly man in black said, "You best step aside hamburger man."

The manager replied, "You can go. If you want to be the subject of a manhunt. Think the police won't suspect you if you make a run for it?"

The burly man looked to you.

"Quiet one, ain't ya," he said.

You're mute. You told him so by pointing to your mouth and shaking your head.

"Nice one," the manager said to the burly man. "Now let's get to the mystery solving. Did anyone see anything strange?"

It's been six hours now and the body count has gone up to three. The fry cook and the husband of the wealthy woman who complained about her opera tickets, both bludgeoned over the head when out of sight of everyone else. The manager has been blaming himself for those additional deaths, and now he's just sitting on the floor slamming the back of his head against the wall and barking at himself, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" You don't know who to trust, but you've been feeling some pretty heavy sparks between you and the grill cook. If you get out alive, you'll probably have a date for the weekend. You just have to hope that the grill cook gets out alive too. And that the grill cook isn't the killer.

Whoops. Lights went out again.

Happy Murder Mystery Day!