Friday, July 09, 2004

You Matter To No One Day!

Most of the time you feel like furniture. Like you could be dragged about the living room according to what is convenient for guests your husband has invited over. Occasionally, you feel like trees. Just a few trees scattered about some relatively uninteresting public property, such as a median strip.

The last time you felt needed was when you saved a girl from drowning. You were a lifeguard on the Jersey shore for a summer and a sixteen year old girl went out too far and couldn't fight the tide to swim back in. You swam out and pulled her into shore. She thanked you with as much enthusiasm as if you'd held a door open for her. Even her parents gave off a "waddayou want a medal?" vibe.

Today is nothing special. Don't do anything to try to make yourself heard or anything. Just rest easy and keep quiet. Life will be over soon.

Happy You Matter To No One Day!