Friday, July 16, 2004

Broken Coffee Pot Day!

You'll smack it into the head of the long-neck faucet when your trying to swish the water around to clean the walls of the pot. You'll take a huge shard out of the side, down to the metal band at the bottom. Your heart will stop beating and you'll sit on your couch, trying to remember whether you've ever replaced a coffee pot before. Not the entire coffee maker, just the pot.

"Must have," you'll think. But you won't be able to remember when. You'll only be able to assume that large stores like Wal-Mart have an abundance of replacement coffeepots for every brand of coffee maker.

"At least I hope."

You'll stay on the couch until you're fifteen minutes late for work. Though in a panic, you'll walk to the elevator, take it to the lobby, walk out of your building and make your way to your train to get to work. With every step the anxiety will grow. You don't have a coffee pot anymore. And you're going to have to find out how to get a new one. Somehow.

Oh dead God almighty the whole world prays only for you.

Happy Broken Coffee Pot Day!