Saturday, July 24, 2004

This One's For You Ted Day!

Ted wrote in with a request. The following is just for him.

A girl we'll call Shannon was nineteen and in between semesters at college, visiting her boyfriend, Jeff, who had gone to school close to home. It was a great comfort to be back with him, spending nights in his arms again, going to the Centennial Gardens on the edge of town almost every free afternoon they could share, and Shannon waiting at the concession tables of the Cineplex where Jeff still worked on his breaks from school. It was just like in high school, but now their days and nights together were colored with a tint of doom, just around the frame, since they both knew this summer would be their last together. Shannon felt like it was expected of her to move on to better than Jeff. And Jeff just sort of understood that if you stay in the same place, you'll be left behind eventually. He wasn't too sad about it. Just a little anxious for things to be done with.

The dread for the coming end suffused their sex with just a little more abandon. Shannon wanted to do a few things that she would remember, such as being penetrated amongst the hedges of the Centennial Gardens just before closing. And Jeff wanted to penentrate Shannon whenever he was permitted to do so. They had their fun and said goodbye forever six days before Shannon left to return to college.

Before the leaves began to change, Shannon discovered she was pregnant. She aborted within days. Shannon is now a star of feature films and is very happy with her life. She knows she made the correct decision, but she wishes she hadn't had to make it.

Hope this helps Ted. Happy Birthday.

And Happy This One's For You Ted Day!