Tuesday, July 06, 2004

His Name Is Hopeless Harv Day!

He explained the nickname when he met you that day in the cafeteria of the library.

"People call me Hopeless Harv because most people who know me think things are pretty hopeless for me," he said from behind the lip of his milk carton. You found his honesty to be sexy so you asked him out on a date.

He's going to stand you up. He was just about to leave his house when he looked in the mirror and asked himself what ever became of that kid who used to talk so big about what he was destined to become. "Did you kill that idealistic little boy?!" he started shouting into the mirror. Then he shattered the mirror with his fast and sent a shard of glass deep into his wrist. His sister came home while he was trying to edge the shard out from the gash and she committed him again because she assumed he had made another attempt on his life.

Hopeless Harv didn't really put up a fight. He could use a rest. And though he thought you were very pretty and very nice, he's glad he doesn't have to try to get you to like him. If you'd like to visit Hopeless Harv in the psych ward, drop Prettygirl a line and she'll ask Hopeless Harv if it's okay.

Happy His Name Is Hopeless Harv Day!