Monday, July 12, 2004

Conga Line Classes Day!

Retard, who told you you'd meet the girl of your dreams in a conga line? The only one your gonna find on the tale end of a conga line is Buddy Lou. Remember Buddy Lou? Got buried alive for six days by his senile uncle. The uncle caught Buddy in the middle of one of his seizures and thought he was dying. Buddy's uncle flashed back to his childhood as a stable boy and decided he had to finish Buddy off and bury him so he knocked his nephew in the head with a shovel. He thought Buddy was dead, but he was only knocked unconscious. Asleep deep enough to get dropped in the ground underneath his uncle's basement and curl up under six feet of soil. That's who's got his arms on your hips, kicking to the left and the right like a cartoon chimpanzee. Buddy Lou, a man dead for six days and lived to dance about it. That's the kind of fun you'll find creeping up at the back of a conga line. Now get a bicycle and talk up the babies down by the bike path.

Happy Conga Line Classes Day!