Sunday, July 25, 2004

Run To Your Death To Win The Race Day!

It's a complicated race and there are no spectators, no sponsors, no organizers, no starting line, and, as will be made obvious, no finish line. To enter, begin running. Your participation in the race is only made official when you drop dead. And the last person to drop dead wins. But anyone can enter the race anywhere, at any time. One only need to begin running. Therefore, when you finally drop to the ground to die there, you will not know if there are others still running somewhere. And even if you are the last to drop dead, if ten years down the line someone somewhere wishes to enter the race, you lose. IT'S REALLY QUITE SILLY.

If you should pass someone else who is also in the race, you may nod to each other, but no chit chat as this is not a singles bar.

Happy Run To Your Death To Win The Race Day!