Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Someone Put Some Fireflies In Your Room Day!

Someone, and I'm not saying who, but someone opened up her jar of lightning bugs in your room and shook them all out onto your floor. There should be maybe two or three hundred up there waiting to brighten up your day one little fleck of gold at a time.

The person who did this is slow and because she thinks that lightning bugs in the yard in the evening are beautiful, she fails to see why anyone might find lightning bugs perched along every surface of one's bedroom absolutely abominable, to the point of being terrifying. She thought she was giving you a present is the thing, so don't be too upset with her. It's okay though if you want to force her to sweep them all up after they die. Retarded or not, life keeps going. She's going to have to learn what the slowly fading glow of a shitload of squished fireflies looks like sooner or later. It'll keep her out of your room anyway.

Happy Someone Put Some Fireflies In Your Room Day!