Saturday, July 10, 2004

Talk To The Girl On The Raft Day!

You're twenty six years old and you're still going on vacation with your parents because that's the only way you can afford to go on a vacation. The red-haired girl on the raft has been out on the lake every day for the past three days. She's apparently also on vacation with her family and she appears to be close to your age. Unless she's engaged to someone stationed in Iraq or something, you two will have sex not long after introducing yourselves. Or at least before one of you goes back home. You just have to swim out and ask her how old she is.


She lifts her head from the pillow of the raft and looks to shore.

"Yeah, you!"

She shields the sun from her eyes with her hand to see if she knows you. She doesn't.

"How old are you?!"

"What?" she asks.

"I said, how old are you?! I like your bikini. Are you over twenty? Twenty's kind of a cutoff for me!"

"I can't hear you," she says. "You're going to have to swim out to me."

Told you you'd have to swim out. By the way, she's twenty-three and her boyfriend just broke up with her. If you make plans to meet up tonight, you can have sex in the shed where they keep the life-jackets, which will be kind of uncomfortable because all the walls are really splintery and you won't be able to lean up against any of them. But if you get the first bout over with tonight, you can invite her over on Saturday when your parents go to the gorges and the two of you can have the cabin to yourselves for like six hours.

Happy Talk To The Girl On The Raft Day!