Thursday, July 15, 2004

Raindrops Made Of Teardrops Day!

Not to be confused with Teardrops Made Of Raindrops Day. Which is essentially a day that means nothing to no one. All it is is some chick crying but the drops that come out of her eyes are of the same composition as the rain. Wheee!

Today however, the raindrops that fall from the sky are of the same organic makeup as the drops that fall from the eye of your average person who has just had a hair plucked from his nose or lost a dad.

So what's today mean? Well, if you believe in God and you believe that God is up in the sky, you can believe that he's crying and you can try to figure out what you did wrong. If you don't believe in God, today it's raining weird.

Additionally, it doesn't have to rain today. But if it does, you get it.

Happy Raindrops Made Of Teardrops Day!