Friday, July 26, 2013

Undercover Lovers Day!

You were just infiltrating the high school to find a dealer. You never expected to fall in love.

“You’re just so mature,” you tell Veronica. “You’re not like these other kids.”

Veronica tells you don’t.

You tell her, “I can’t help it.”

Veronica tells you it’s wrong.

You tell her, “It’s never felt so right.”

Veronica tells you you don’t know who she is. But she knows who you are.

You pull away. “I’m just a transfer student. Looking to buy some of the pot, if you know a dealer. Wait, who do you think I am?”

Veronica says, “You’re Officer Pendleton, Narcotics Division.”

Your cover is blown.

“Veronica please,” you beg her. “If my identity is found out, I could be demoted. And my life could be in danger. If you love me as much as I love you, please don’t tell anyone I’m a cop.”

Veronica promises she won’t. Blowing a fellow officer’s cover would boot her off the force.

“What are you saying, Veronica?” you ask.

“My name isn’t Veronica,” she says, pulling out her badge. “It’s Officer Royce, IAD. I was sent her to investigate undercover officers establishing inappropriate relationships with students.”

She’s here to bust you. Even though she’s not a student, you didn’t know that when you professed your love to her.

“Write what you want in the report,” you tell her. “I don’t care about my badge anymore. Discovering that you’re old enough for me to have a legitimate relationship with has made me the happiest man on earth.”

Officer Royce asks what you’ll do for work after she takes your badge. She can’t support the both of you on an IAD income.

“I was thinking of becoming a high school teacher,” you say.

The two of you laugh. The two of you kiss. You kiss deeply. A kiss that lasts all through the days of IAD hearings and shameful newspaper coverage to follow.

Once your badge and gun are taken away, you move into Officer Royce’s apartment and begin studying to get your teacher’s license. You’re going to need that income quick, what with a the half-IAD, half-disgraced former narc baby in Officer Royce’s belly.

Happy Undercover Lovers Day!