Sunday, July 28, 2013

Breakup Sex Day!

“Want to have some breakup sex?” ask him.

He’ll protest that you aren’t broken up yet.

“I know,” say. “I want to break up while having sex.”

In between kisses, tell him it’s just not working out. As he fondles your breasts, explain that you’re really busy right now and you need to focus on your work. Perform oral sex on him, then tell him he never really gave you what you needed emotionally while he reciprocates, using his mouth to bring you to orgasm (your usual order of things is you have an orgasm orally before intercourse since you can’t via intercourse). During intercourse, he’ll beg for another chance, panting and thrusting while insisting he could be a better man. You’ll feel full with him, like you’re consuming him, as you tell him he’s a great guy and there’s a girl out there who’s right for him but it’s just not you, then he’ll climax.

As he goes into the bathroom to remove his condom, start gathering your things from his room. When he comes back out, both of you still naked, give him a weak hug goodbye.

“Breakup sex is so hot,” whisper in his ear as you give him a light back-pat. After you pull on your clothes, block him from your phone and unfriend him on Facebook.

Happy Breakup Sex Day!