Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fist-Bump Forever Day!

You and your buddy Greg are best friends and you always have been best friends and last night you both died in a car wreck. Your wives just found your wills.

“Greg’s will has a weird request,” Greg’s widow tells your widow.

“Oh God, his too?” your widow tells Greg’s widow.

You and Greg, in a fit of friendship one night, went to an all night lawyer and had your wills changed to read that if you and Greg both die at the same time, you’d like to be buried in a two person coffin with your right fists sewn together in a fist-bump.

“This way if we ever get dug up by grave-robbers or archeologists, future generations will know we were bros forever,” your wills read.

“Do you think they committed suicide just to make this happen?” your widow will ask.

“This is embarrassing for us,” Greg’s widow says. “Everyone at the funeral will think they loved each other more than us.”

“Oh God, it’s—“

Greg’s widow confirms with a nod. “Bros before hos.”

Your widows, feeling angry and betrayed, honor your request nonetheless, and everyone in the funeral pays their respects to your fist-bumping corpses, frozen in an eternal bro-out.

Your widows remarry hastily.

Fist-Bump Forever Day!