Monday, July 03, 2006

Golf Caddy Sex Day!

Ask him, "You wanna make a big tip?"

He'll say, "Yes ma'am!"

Explain to him that sixty-four percent of your high school's graduating class lost their virginity on the local golf course since that course's greens would often play host to your classmates' many keg parties held after dark.

"I was never invited to the keg parties," tell the eighteen year old. "Because I had braces."

Tell the kid that you've recently become rich and you're making up for lost time. He'll cut you off and say, "Sure thing, I'll have sex with you on the golf course."

Correct him. "No way, Jose. I want you to get your girlfriend out here and do it in those woods while I watch. I like to watch."

He'll take out his phone and dial his girlfriend. While it's ringing he'll ask, "How much?"

Pretend to think about it, then say, "Seventy bucks each."

Just as his girlfriend picks up, he'll shout, "EACH?!" Then he'll say, "Oh hey Holly. You're never gonna believe this. Get over here right away. We're about to be ROLLING IN IT!!!"

Happy Golf Caddy Sex Day!