Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Your Hitler Raft Day!

Everyone at the pool party is going to be jealous of you when you set yourself afloat in your new inflatable two-man hitler raft. It's a six foot long by three and a half foot wide raft that has a black and white picture of Hitler superimposed over a colorful cartoonish painting of some starfish swimming in the ocean. Hitler only covers the right half of the raft, so that you can either lay over top of him completely if you're worried that someone just approached the pool who might not want to see Hitler right now (ie: someone who is sick of seeing Hitler at pools), or you can lay right next to him so that it looks like you're just chilling in the pool with Hitler all day, just a couple of pals who can lay in a raft together without it being gay because one of you is dead. Have fun, kid.

Happy Your Hitler Raft Day!