Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stop Having Sex With Your Frat Brother In The Frat House Kitchen Day!

Your other fraternity brothers don't know that you're gay and you're not sure how well they'll take the news. Best not to break it to them by letting them walk in on you bent over the sink with Stevie, the frat brother you have sex with, half-way up your spine. Even Stevie refuses to admit that he's gay. The minute you slip out of his mouth he always warns you that he'll kill you if you tell anyone about how you and he like to 'horse around.' It's safe to say that if you and Stevie get caught, Stevie will do everything he can to shift the blame onto you. And depending on what position they walk in on, he might be able to pull it off (you know how good straights are at believing stuff).

Just try the attic, or the basement. Hell, even the pantry has a door you can shut behind you. I know Stevie refuses to do it anywhere else, but that's just because he feels like if he switches rooms he's actually seeking out the sex and that would make him gay. So he always 'just happens to bump into you' every night at 3:45 am. This lets him pretend it's just a spontaneous thing and you and he are just 'horsing around.' Except you're the one who's not going to deny digging cock if you get caught, so you're the one in the most danger.

Tonight, when Stevie 'bumps into you' and starts panting and ripping at your boxer shorts, push him up against the fridge and tell him that if he wants some of your ass, he's got to take you downstairs to the dark area of the basement behind the water heater where no one can find out. If that's too much for him to handle, then he can just go upstairs and start knocking on all the other bedroom doors to see if anyone has some cock they want to float his way.

Stevie will take a swing at you. If he manages to connect, just make sure you hit back. It'll make the sex hotter than hell if you hit back. Stevie's that type.

Happy Stop Having Sex With Your Frat Brother In The Frat House Kitchen Day!