Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stop Falling In Love With The International Spies Who Sleep With You In Order To Steal State Secrets Day!

Before you pick up the phone and order those flowers, remember how embarrassed you were the last time this happened, when Natasha sent you the chocolates back with a note that read, 'I'm sorry if I led you on, but I only wanted the launch codes. Thanks for the launch codes.' You didn't leave your bed for a month you were so heartbroken.

Now why do you think it will be any different with Annabelle? She lured you into bed, and then after the sex when you said that you think you might really be falling for her, she told you that she thinks she could fall for you too. Then she asked you to tell her what the proposed targets would be in the upcoming bombing raid on Iran. You told her immediately, and then in the same breath you asked her what she was like when she was a little girl. She stuck a syringe into your neck and sedated you for fourteen hours. When you woke up, she was gone.

That's when the phone calls started. 'Hello, I'm calling for one of your spies, Annabelle. Oh well can you tell her I called?' And then came the endless letters. 'I know you were only doing your job, but I feel like we had a connection that broke through all the espionage and the truth serum, don't you think?' And now you're starting in with the flowers already?

A relationship can't work if there isn't a mutual respect at play. How can she respect you if she's already tricked you into compromising your country's national security? The best way to deal with an international spy you've got the hots for is to play it cool. You have to make her think that you don't care if she never tries to pull state secrets out of you by sleeping with you again. Best thing for you is to behave as if she doesn't exist. If she sees you out with some other international spy, like someone hired by Chavez or something, and she sees you pouring all your confidential information out to her, she'll come running faster than a surface to air missile aimed at a motorcade.

Happy Stop Falling In Love With The International Spies Who Sleep With You In Order To Steal State Secrets Day!