Monday, February 13, 2006

Take The Love Test Day!

Tonight at the bar there will be one of those electronic love tester machines that you stick your hand into and it tells you what kind of lover you are. Stick your hand into it. It's going to tell you that you have sex with people to prove a point. You'll ask the machine what point it thinks you're trying to prove, but it won't answer because it's not a voice-activated machine. You'll go back to your table and your friends will ask you what the machine said, and you'll tell them it said you are a stallion. They'll all laugh. Then one of your friends will say, "When I used that machine it told me I don't respond to tenderness. Only derision and criticism."

Your friends won't know whether to laugh or not. In the silence, your friend will add, "It's right."

This will initiate amongst your friends a frank and open discussion of what they each feel is holding them back from the relationship they grew up thinking they deserved. You won't participate because you already lied about the machine's stallion determination. You'd like to be able to tell them the machine thinks you use sex to prove a point. You'd like to discuss your reaction to that, but you can't. It's important to you that your friends think that a machine thinks that you are a stallion.

Happy Take The Love Test Day!