Sunday, February 05, 2006

Birdhouse Graffiti Day!

Today when your wife goes outside to put some feed in the birdhouse, she'll see that someone wrote in magic marker on the side of the birdhouse, "Bluejays Go Home." When she comes inside to tell you about it, you'll keep as straight a face as you can and you'll say, "Must have been the Robins. I knew that truce wouldn't last."

Your wife will stare at you until you finally break down and start laughing. She'll say, "You wrote that graffiti on my birdhouse didn't you?"

You'll laugh even harder. She'll get up from the table and go for a drive. When she comes back, she'll tell you that it's very important that you find work again soon. "You're too idle. I used to be proud of you. Now I'm just tolerant."

Happy Birdhouse Graffiti Day!