Saturday, February 18, 2006

Go To The Construction Site Day!

Yesterday your boyfriend asked you to marry him, and you said you had to think about it. Today, you're going to go down there and tell him yes. But if you get there after three, you'll find that a part of the scaffold came lose and let a dumpster full of cement debris tumble down on your boyfriend's head. He'll be trapped under there and you'll have to wait all night to see if he's still alive. A policeman will tell you that even if the debris didn't kill him, you still have to pray that he's not exposed to the cold under there for all that time. There are a lot of moisture puddles in that bed and if he fell in one, God help him. They won't be able to pull him out from under the cement chunks until the wee hours of the night tonight. That's when you'll find out if you still get to say yes. If you get down there after three that is.

If you go to the construction site before three, you'll find your boyfriend walking the planks and going about his work like just another day. You'll shout up at him that you want him to come down so you can tell him something. But he'll shout back that whatever you got to tell him, you can tell everybody. He doesn't care who hears. That's when you'll shout, "Yes, I'll marry you!" And he'll climb down from the fourth level of that steel skeleton to the applause of a hundred construction workers. He'll pick you up and kiss you and carry you away. If you get there before three that is.

Here's hoping you get there before three, huh?

Happy Go To The Construction Site Day!