Friday, February 24, 2006

Strip Club Buffet Day!

You're trying to cut back on expenses because your son is in jail for grand larceny and needs you to pay his legal bills for his appeal. So instead of going to your favorite strip club after work, why not go at lunchtime when they offer their free buffet (chicken fingers, French fries, and western omelet)? You might still have to spend between 180 and 900 dollars on lap-dances and bottles of champagne, but at least you'll be able to cross off your lunch expenses. At ten dollars a day, you could save as much as fifty dollars if you go to the strip club for lunch every day of the workweek. And Monica has a lot more time for you during the far less crowded lunch hour. A lot more time to sit and talk, which is all you want her to do since her voice reminds you of your ex-wife's. It's your ex-wife having run off the way she did that sent your kid into a life of crime by the way. No reason not to say it. If she wants to come back and defend herself after twelve years away, she's more than welcome to do that. You can even introduce her to Monica.

Happy Strip Club Buffet Day!