Thursday, February 23, 2006

Maintain A Message Board For Runaways Day!

You're a forty-three year old man taking care of your sick father and you feel like you're in prison. You need to find yourself some manner of escape without having to leave your father's house. You need to maintain a message board for runaways.

You can make it an online safe haven where runaways can drop word that they're doing okay. That they're still a little hungry, and they're still a little scared, but they got word of a place where they can get warm tonight. The runaways can share tips with each other on new shelters or kindly men who'll give out water and sandwiches if you show up in their backyards. Make it clear that the board should not be used for talk about why they decided to start running. Make it clear that the board is about the run. Every once in a while you should weigh in with a quick, brief, "Man do I ever envy you kids. Can't be a runaway when you're 43. All you can be is a selfish son of a bitch, and believe me I've considered it."

Happy Maintain A Message Board For Runaways Day!