Sunday, September 28, 2003

You've Got The Special Scent Day!

You smell like my ache. You stink of everything I crave, every lonely pant in the middle of my gargantuan twin-sized bed on a Saturday night. My friends all say you're disgusting because your breath stinks of coffee and cigarettes. But when I sit in the path of your exhalation, all I smell is that time I wanted my Dad to say "good job" but he refused. Your hair stinks of snowy walks and your clothes smell like Sundays in bed. Your feet reek from car trips to foliage and your ass indicates you weren't too careful about wiping away the kiss you put to the tip of my nose leaning across the tabletop of a candlit dinner. You smell like what I think about when I drink.

Happy You've Got The Special Scent Day!