Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Will We Win The War? Day!

Today, as you sit in darkness in the depths of your underground bunker listening to the planes strafe your hometown in a thunderstorm of bullets and shells, your wife will try to comfort your crying child. She will say to the baby, "It's okay, it will be over soon."

Then she'll look at you as if you were responsible for all of this. She'll ask, "Will we win this war? Or are we just patiently waiting to die?" Shrug your shoulders without bothering to look at her and just continue eating your beans.

She'll shake your baby with a little more vigor and mutter to herself, "At least you could get out there and fight them like the rest of the husbands."

Say to her, "But I don't have any legs." It's true, you don't, and she'll buy it.

Happy Will We Win The War? Day!