Friday, September 19, 2003

The Winter Day!

Today, the winter is ten miles away. People are running through town with their babies in their arms. I saw a businessman trying to stuff his papers back into his briefcase. And a boy kissed a crying girl, right there in front of my eyes. They both had snowflakes in their hair.

There's a man in our hospital who says he was just lying there on his office floor minding his own business when the winter burst in and accused him of things. He said the winter accused him of unspeakable acts that he won't repeat to anyone except his own wife, who cannot be reached. It is believed that the winter got to her first, The man in the hospital swears the winter is a liar. He has a runny nose, the man in the hospital does.

Have you noticed how much dirtier the bottom halves of cars are? The ones speeding down state street, the only two lane street in town. Dustin said, "That's slush. Dontcha see?!"

Dustin wants to get us out of here. He thinks anyone who stays in town is in for it. I can't tell if Dustin really believes all the rumors he's repeating, or if he's just trying to scare me into packing up and running off with him. But I'm staying.

Happy The Winter Day!