Wednesday, September 03, 2003

This Is A Kiss Day!

When you kiss her at the train stop, when you give her a kiss to send her on her way, when you give her the first kiss you'll ever give her for as long as you both manage to keep from fucking this up, say something first. Say.

"This is a kiss."

She was in position, her chin up high and her eyes waiting for something perfect to happen. And then you, as your head leaned in, as her eyes began to close, as your lips had just a few seconds traveltime before collision, you said.

"This is a kiss."

Your eyelids are parted just barely enough to make out the furrowing of a brow, the slackening of a mouth, the clenching of all the facial muscles that define the face of a person who is thinking, Did he just fucking say "This is a kiss?" Did he really? Did he? Seriously. Really? Did he say?

"This is a kiss."

When you pull your lips from hers, she will be in love with you. Yours will be the love that will not fade.

Happy This Is A Kiss Day!