Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Crouched And Loaded Day!

You've been drinking all night and it's time to scare your friends before you get in the car (you're driviing, you shouldn't). Walking through the parking lot, you should make a sudden dash around the corner of the bar, pull yourself up against the wall, crouch down and wait for your friends to follow. Wait until they take their first steps around that corner and then spring up from your crouched position to scare them.

Unfortunately, your friends won't come around the corner before you fall asleep there against the wall set atop your bent knees. In fact, your friends won't come around the corner at all. Once you disappear, they'll all keep following for a few paces before Tommy will spread his arms and stop everybody.

"Wait a minute guys," he'll say. "I don't like the looks of this. We have no idea what's around that corner."

"C'mon," Jeff'll counter. "Let's just get to the car."

Tommy'll call to you. "Greg? Greeeeg!?" But you'll be unconscious.

"Oh shit," Jeff'll say.

"Greg's gone, man. Something around that corner got him. And it's probably right there just waiting for us."

Then they'll run and you'll continue to sleep on your crouched knees until 6 AM. You won't be able to walk for three days after you wake up.

Happy Crouched And Loaded Day!