Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The Aircraft Carrier Day!

Today, the aircraft carrier is thinking, "It's cool and all, I mean, it's my job, but seriously, FUCK AIRCRAFT! Or, I mean, planes."

Planes, choppers, pilots and those guys with the glowsticks. They're all on the aircraft carrier's back and they act like they're doing it the fucking favor. "I'm fucking huge," thinks the aircraft carrier. "There's a majesty about me. But they don't ever see it."

Just then though, the Aircraft carrier stops its grumbling because it notices Private Nairns alone on the upper deck with a letter clenched in his fist. Nairns is standing still and he's not looking at anything. Just has his eyes open.

"That's Nairns," the aircraft carrier says to people just like you and me. "Looks like he got another shitty letter from his girl. He really loves her, but she does this all the time. She seems real twatty. I mean the guy's at sea."

Looks like Nairns' pain is just what's needed for the aircraft carrier to put things into perspective, because it'll stop bitching until Nairns goes back to his bunk. Then it will think, "Some of these guys are okay I guess. But most of them, God I hope they die."

Happy The Aircraft Carrier Day!