Thursday, September 25, 2003

She's All Fireflies Day!

If she gets up from the grass the world's gonna come to an end. If she breaks the stride of the stroke of her hand through your hair all the babies in the world are gonna start screamin all at once, yes they will. If her pants fall lower on her waist and cover up even one more centimeter of that creamy little ankle the spirit of our troops overseas will fall to an all-time low, nothing but letters home begging for swap meet play-by-plays, yup it'll happen that way. If she doesn't put her lips to your shoulder forty five thousand times before midnight, from now on math will be wrong. If you ever feel unsure about the number of freckles on the back of her baby girl hand, you'll stop drinking.

And if she ever asks a question and her pitch black eyebrows don't frown...fucking hell

But it's all about timing
It's just because it's Indian Summer
You're getting more than your share of something you actually enjoy for once in your life but trust me
Couple more weeks and you're gonna have a coffee with someone who looks better in sweaters
I'm telling you, she's all fireflies

Happy She's All Fireflies Day!