Monday, September 08, 2003

In Some Nightmares You Said Day!

Because last night was special, you were a featured character in five different nightmares. In your friend Jeff's nightmare you said, "I'm leaving town. You were right, we never really touch anything in our lives Jeff. You shouldn't have thrown Beverly away." In your Mom's nightmare you said, "Stop it! I can't get dressed." In the nightmare of Moira, a girl you met at a pizza dinner three days ago, you said, "Moira, you're too weak for me. Are we really gonna get married? It's good I guess." In your friend Kara's nightmare you said, "Just keep the bees away! They're getting into my shirt!" And in your very own nightmare, you said, "I'm sorry that I broke into your apartment and spent the night in your bed while you were at your boyfriend's. I was just dropping off some things and I got tired. You taking the train in?"

Happy In Some Nightmares You Said Day!