Monday, September 02, 2002

You're Already Losing Track. Write Down What Happened Before You Find A More Entertaining Memory Day.

So you'll start with his or her smile and then someone jostles you on a crowded sidewalk or you hear brakes squeal and you turn around to see if someone's gonna die (they never do). And when you get back to the narrative you've skipped ahead to when the beer bottlecap accidentally sliced open the bottom bone of his or her index finger. Then you're like, "Okay, the nudity came next. Focus, Steve!" assuming your name is Steve or at least you like to call yourself Steve. Then you hear, "Hey Steve!" and you turn around and there's a chick at the other end of the block yelling up at an apartment house window. "Steve!" Then she launches the half-full forty ounce beer bottle up in the air and it crashes just to the left of Steve's window. Then Steve comes to the window and starts shouting something about the Police and "WHORE!" and you realize they're not talking to you but they're still in love. So you stay and watch for the half hour until the chick gets her head bent low into a police car and Steve hails a cab to follow behind. So you continue your walk and jump back into the memory with a "Where was I?" But you don't have the slightest clue and way to go genius. You just skipped straight over the nudity to the part where you waited in line for an ATM with everyone asking you (and only you for some reason. must be your face. approachable? non-threatening? pretty?) if you tried the machine that already ran out of money and you keep having to fucking say "Yes" over and over again. Man, that's hot.

Just once, just one time, get somewhere quiet and write it down hour by hour, day by day. If you're afraid of firming it all up with the wrong words, put it into code or make it rhyme. No, you need not have someone following you around taking minutes every time you buy a taco, but it's just that whenever you try to run through it all and you lose track, you get this panicked "Did it really happen then?" look all over your face. And you're being really dull at bars lately. We want you back. Let it settle.

Happy You're Already Losing Track. Write Down What Happened Before You Find A More Entertaining Memory Day!