Saturday, September 07, 2002

Plant Seeds For Revolution And Gladiolas Day!

I don't know if now is planting season for gladiolas or not because I actually sometimes have to fulfill obligations that keep me from rolling around in the soil on my front lawn every fucking weekend. One thing I do know is that this country has a ruling class consisting of around 1% of the population. The other two hundred some million: Motherfuckers with tiny paychecks and baseball bats. The working man is almost ready to tear this shit down. I say almost, because another thing I know is that you shouldn't plant the seeds for revolution until early winter. Specifically Christmas. No one likes to be poor at Christmas.

So I'm a little early on the planting the seeds for Revolution part. And the gladiolas part, who cares. The seeds were 79 cents. So anyway, we'll talk after Thanksgiving about the whole "Kill Rich People And Live In Their Houses" thing. And if these gladiolas manage to grow, I'll call you. I guess next Spring right? What do gladiolas look like? Do you wanna go get a drink with me? I wanna get a drink but I don't wanna get one alone again.