Sunday, September 01, 2002

A Photograph Day.

You know which one. Even if you just got back from Rite Aid with 13 stacks all of the same mouth, there's one and only one that you'd run back into a burning building to rescue. Use it.

Put it under your pillow if you wanna dream upon it. Put it behind some fire if you wanna wish upon it. Send it to your ex-girlfriend's parents house with a note on the back that says "Having a great time at college" if it's a photo of your ex-girlfriend performing fellatio on her new college boyfriend that she sent you to let you know that she's not coming back. Ever. Rip it up just so you can tape it back together in a way that never quite joins right even though you know you found all the pieces. Tape it to your window so the street outside is the frame. Or just fucking hone in on it like you're a cat and you just saw a hand twitch underneath a blanket.

If you don't have the photograph I'm talking about, go outside until someone starts to matter. Bring a polaroid camera. Later, yo.