Saturday, September 14, 2013

Prank Video Day!

Make a prank video where you go up to girls and ask them to marry you. If they say no, that will be awesome for the prank video because the prank is that you asked. I mean, who does that? Who asks strange girls to marry them? Classic prank!

If a girl says yes, marry her. Then just stay married to her. Classic prank! Continue to love and support her through the good times and bad. She’ll never see it coming! Have two kids with her, a boy and a girl, and discover all the realms of emotion you never even knew existed. It’ll be hilarious. When you find out she’s been unfaithful, agree to work through it with her, because you don’t want to throw away all the years you’ve shared over one indiscretion and because it’ll be classic.

After the kids are grown and out of the house, it’ll be great for the prank if you and the girl start to find a new level of maturity and closeness in your love for each other. Travel together, fulfill some life-long dreams, cross a few things off the bucket list. If she dies before you, try to go it alone but it would be hilarious if you died within the year because she was really the only thing that made life worth living for you.

Try to keep it under two minutes.

Happy Prank Video Day!