Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get Lost Day!

Make a wrong turn off the turnpike and you’ll find yourself in the middle of some unknown backwater town.

“I’m lost,” tell the first man you see.

“You can take that house over there,” he says, pointing to an empty two-story house.

Move into the house and then explore the town a bit, telling everyone you meet that you’re lost. They’ll all say that they can’t help you with directions, and one woman will fall in love with you and move out of her house and into yours.

“I left the turnpike 11 years ago,” she’ll tell you in bed later. “Been here ever since.”

“I only just got here,” you’ll say.

“Your old life will fade away soon,” she’ll say.

Over the years you’ll make friends with the townsfolk. You’ll quickly learn that they don’t like people to talk about the lives they left behind when they made the wrong turn. Better conversation starters are, “Where is this place, anyway?” and “Starting to get used to things around here?”

It’s not such a bad life. It’s a town like any other. Sure, any time a news helicopter flies over head you all rush out into the street waving your arms at it. But other than that, it’s an okay place to spend the remainder of a lifetime.

Happy Get Lost Day!