Sunday, September 29, 2013

Old Man’s Cabin Day!

Today while hiking you’ll stumble upon an old man’s cabin.

“You’re the first person I seen in thirty years,” he’ll say.

“Do you have any wisdom?” you’ll ask.

“Yeah,” he’ll say. “Don’t run off into the woods and expect to live alone without being bothered by any people, because eventually, whether it be in thirty days or thirty years, some asshole in a Land’s End outfit will show up asking if you have any wisdom like you’re some kind of convenience store that sells insight into human experience. Do you see a sign outside that says, ‘Come in and ask an old guy to say something smart?’ Nice pants, by the way. Great to see in my time away men are less afraid of looking feminine. And that shirt. Looks like a handkerchief fucked Paul Bunyan.”

The old man will then continue to make fun of your clothes until you leave.

Happy Old Man’s Cabin Day!