Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hitting Your Kids Won't Get Us Out Of Iraq Day

Hitting Your Kids Won't Get Us Out Of Iraq Day!

You've been beating your kids senseless over this quagmire in Iraq, and they've been missing a lot of school while they wait for the bruises to fade. They're really on edge because you're hitting them without them even offering you anything to provoke you. All their friends at school get hit because they spill paint or screw up the Tivo or horrible stuff like that. But you hit your kids just because you want this horrible chapter in our country's foreign affairs to come to a close and your kids happen to be nearby so you think, "Maybe this'll help."

Though it seems like beating up your kids will bring our boys home, and in a perfect world it certainly would, the Iraq situation is much more complicated than you might think. No matter how hard you hit them, Bush might still end up being proven right, regardless of how he went about things. And no amount of hitting your kids will make Bush go back in time and wait for the UN to come around. I don't think. Maybe keep it up until 2007, but if nothing changes, it's not working and it's just making your kids dream about the day that you'll die.

Happy Hitting Your Kids Won't Get Us Out Of Iraq Day!