Saturday, April 23, 2005

Elevator Dress Day

Elevator Dress Day!

Today, when you're riding the elevator in your apartment building with three of your neighbors, your dress will get caught in the elevator door. It will happen when Mrs. Morrissey boards on the seventh floor. You'll step to the side to let her on, and when she gets on, you'll step back to where you were and the poof of your dress with float out through the doors just in time to get caught by the outer pair as the doors close. The elevator will descend, and your dress will be ripped from your body. It will be painful, really. At first you'll be yanked against the closed doors of the car and the dress will tug so tight against your body that your breath will go short. Finally, the seams will tear and the dress will be yanked right off of you. There will long thin bruises on your body where the dress grabbed hold of you. Your neighbors will feel very badly for you. Mr. Collins will give you his rain coat to cover you up in your black bra and lime green underwear. You and Mr. Collins will ride back up to your apartment together. He'll wait in the hall for you to go inside and change and then give him back his raincoat. He'll need his raincoat because he has a lot of running around to do.

Happy Elevator Dress Day!