Friday, April 29, 2005

Climb A Tall Building Day

Climb A Tall Building Day!

Today, you're that Spiderman guy who climbs tall buildings in Europe. Today's building will be the Meltlife Tower. Your assistant will call the press when you're halfway up and there's no way to stop you without endangering your life. Three quarters of the way up, write a secret you've never told in grease-pencil on the steel frames between the windows so the window-washers won't scrub it off. Break the story up across the frames of three different, non-adjacent windows. The secret you should write about is the one about an elementary school classmate who was teased a lot by you and your friends, but one day, behind the rugby field in the trees, the teasing went too far and everybody stripped the kid down and whipped him bloody. Not long after that, he killed himself. That's what all the lifelong secrets in Europe are about right?

When you get to the top of the building, sigh and wonder, "What now?"

Happy Climb A Tall Building Day!