Sunday, April 03, 2005

Crash Into The Cloudcover Day

Crash Into The Cloudcover Day!

Today, you're skydiving to impress a boy. His name's Dan and he enjoys "extreme living." You prefer reading books by the fire and taking walks on the beach, but your plan is that if you pretend to dig rollerblading up rocky mountains and throwing yourself down stairwells and whatnot, Dan will think that you're the girl for him. And then you'll show him that you're actually the exact opposite of what you pretended to be and, for reasons unclear, Dan will be fine with this and will even go so far as to hang up his snowboard so as to curl up next to you by the fire on the beach with the books.

But today's step one. You're diving out of a plane with Dan so that he can see just how "extreme" a girl you are. Your parachute pack will have mistakenly been filled with the parachute school teacher's laundry and you will die in a four foot hole in the ground dug instantaneously upon impact. Dan will not wonder what could have been, but he'll come to your funeral and cry.

Happy Crash Into The Cloudcover Day!